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Bo Knowz Learning is thrilled to present “Beyond The Laces” (BTL) Units of Study!

Our Unit Plans are carefully crafted to help teachers, parents, school leaders, caregivers, or anyone involved in teaching to capture the process through which Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and literacy skills are taught, modeled, and practiced as students read “Beyond The Laces.”

"A story of kindness.  A story of heroes.  An inspirational message and presentation that engaged students within a cross  curriculum dynamic from inspirational growth to discussing the writing process.  Beyond the Laces is a wonderful learning experience for our students!!!" 

Dr. Peter S. Morris, Superintendent of Schools of the Lavallette (NJ) School District


“Beyond The Laces” Unit Plan

Inspires Students to Learn

As Dr. Morris observes, “Beyond the Laces” has been receiving rave reviews since its release over five years ago - and it’s not accidental!

Using sports as a means to guide school-age students to key issues of character development, authors Bob Salomon and Rick Young provide a storyline message of “Inspiring Children Through Kindness.”

The story itself is a memorable and stirring tale of kindness and compassion.  The heartwarming narrative is of a young boy and his family as they face a health crisis.  It is beautifully paired with vivid, colorful illustrations and composed in nostalgic rhyme and verse, which makes it especially enjoyable to everyone when read aloud.

And so, the book is not only there to enjoy, but also teaches valuable lessons affording an opportunity for insightful educators to empower children and young adults to take control as they further develop their own education and human development by enhancing their Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skillsets.

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So here’s the challenge. 

The book can be emotionally riveting. 

It’s quite easy to get lost in “Beyond the Laces” no matter your literary taste. 

You see, faith, courage, and action are the ultimate test in the face of adversity. The book will provoke your young students to examine deeper questions related to these inspiring themes.

These heartwarming themes and episodes in the book can make anyone get lost with emotions.

The good news is that there is a guide on how to take your students through the lessons without being immersed into emotional distraction. The Guide is our well-thought-out BTL Unit Plan, which is anchored in the CASEL Social-Emotional Learning framework.

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The BTL Unit Plans are available for grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-8. 

Scope and Sequence:

Click here to access the Scope and Sequence that outlines the grade level focus and secondary CASEL Competencies.

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Middle Grades 6-8:  

 Learners take a deep dive into SEL concepts and themes, applying them to real-world experiences that connect to their own lives. An emphasis is placed on having students understand how they can make a positive impact on their community. 

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Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5:

Stimulate the children's curiosity to engage in a discussion on the story. Introduce students to the book's concepts and themes, both in the context of fictional and real-life experiences.  

Learners explore SEL concepts and themes.  Application-based activities enable kids to extend their thinking and make connections to the text, other resources, and their own lives.

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The "BTL" Unit Plan Mini Course

When you purchase the Unit of Study, you will receive access to a mini course containing all of the materials you need. Check out this video for more information!

The Good News is…

Bo Knowz Learning is offering the book "Beyond the Laces" for FREE. 

You get this awesome book at no charge. 

A copy of the digital e-flip book comes with each Unit of Study that you buy. 

How amazing is that?

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There’s so much more!

The BTL Unit Plans feature:

  • Mini course format with videos and support
  • Backwards Design unit plan format
  • Interdisciplinary, thematic approach suitable for English Language Arts, Social Studies, Health, Morning Meeting, Advisory, after school programs, youth groups, therapy sessions...the possibilities are endless
  • Engaging, application-based activities that feature higher-order thinking skills anchored in the CASEL Competencies
  • Individual and group tasks
  • Formative assessment integrating reflection and self-assessment
  • Comprehensive format - objectives, materials, and everything needed to teach the unit
  • High interest and relevant content 
  • Easily tailored to best meet the needs of your kids

To learn more about Beyond The Laces, please contact:

Bob Salomon at (732) 604-0468