Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a teacher.  For over 28 years, I have served in public education as a teacher, vice principal, principal, director, and assistant superintendent of schools.  I loved engaging in professional learning and applying what I learned to be a more effective teacher and leader.   The more I learned, the more I wanted to innovate curriculum, instruction, culture and climate to make a difference in children’s schooling experiences.  

I was working on designing Personalized and Blended Learning models when the pandemic hit, thrusting education into remote mode. It was clear that we had to pivot and make changes, which will no doubt last beyond Covid-19.  I believe that our curriculum needs to be relevant, reflecting current topics and engaging kids in deep, application-based learning experiences.  Kids need to have ownership in what and how they learn and to make meaningful connections with their own lives.  We must innovate our curriculum and integrate technology in a way that supports creativity, imagination, and deeper learning experiences.  Social-emotional Learning skillsets must be fully integrated into our delivery of instruction and explicitly taught, modeled, and practiced.  As my wheels started to turn, with my laptop on overdrive, Bo Knowz Learning was created while I was working on my couch, with my dog Balboa (Bo) by my side. 

Thank you so much for visiting Bo Knowz Learning.  We look forward to serving you!

Dr. Kimberly Honnick, 

Founder and Chief Vision Officer 

Hi there! I'm Dr. Kimberly Honnick!

Dr. Kimberly Honnick, Founder and Chief Vision Officer of Bo Knowz Learning, is a dedicated, experienced, innovative educational leader who has served in public education for 29 years. She has earned a bachelor’s degree in Education, two Master’s degrees in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Administration, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She has presented at both national and international conferences on Response to Intervention, Personalized Learning, and Blended Learning. Her passion and expertise is curriculum designs and professional learning.  Kimberly started her career as an elementary teacher and served as a High School Vice Principal and Principal, Director and Assistant Superintendent of Schools.